Author  Topic:   A few 'Cuda (and Challenger) myths de-bunked... 

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I think there is a lot of confusion with E-bodies mainly due to the fact that the Barracuda was an A-body before '70. Most people just assume the A-body stuff applies. It does not. E-bodies were essentially a shortened B-body underneath. Here are a few facts that might help those doing transplants.

1. A 70-74 E-body does NOT need a K-frame swap when going from a smallblock to a bigblock. You will, however, need to find a V8 K-frame if you have a slant 6 K-frame.


2. All V-8 E-body rubber isulators are the same and interchange. 318 will fit the 440. NAPA (among others) sell these new.


3. C-bodies (70-72 that I know of) use the exact same part # for the motor mount brackets as the E-bodies do. No need to spend $150.00 for engine mounts when, more than likely, the local salvage has a few pair lying around under the hood of a behemoth!


4. Rear cross members are the same for any automatic, any V-8. BB727 will bolt in place of a SB904.


5. C-body kickdown linkage and throttle cable brackets will work with minor clearancing of the firewall pinch weld.


6. NO E-bodies EVER came out with the small bolt pattern. 5 on 4 1/2" for ALL of them.



* Note, I'm not sure how much of the engine bracketry/insulator information does/does not apply to the HEMI. I've never been fortunate enough to own an E-body Hemi. The tranny info. would be the same, though.